Praying Together


Hope Outreach Community Centre will teach the uncompromised Word of God and be a Church that operates in all the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a Biblical fashion.  We are an action Church not an entertainment Church.

We want to see every captive set free to live a life by design (Jer 29:11) not a life by default (John 10:10) “The enemy wants to kill, steal and destroy I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly”. 

We will build healing, deliverance and equipping centers, where people are healed in spirit, soul and body.

We will produce training conferences worldwide on the spiritual and emotional roots of disease and bondages. 

We will use social media to expand territory and raise up overcomers, with free teaching materials online.  

We want to see believers trained and released in their gifting, to further the kingdom of God and raise up a portion of God’s end time army as yielded vessels of gold.

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